Intelligence consultant to build an integrated portal system

Integrated portal system

A manufacturing factory operation needs to build an integrated portal system for factory floor employees and staff to use to increase operational efficiency.

The portal will need to connect 300 parts and equipment suppliers, control guided machines on a factory line, move raw materials and finished products from one workstation to another, trigger blockage on the factory line, predict parts replacement, and automate parts ordering. Additionally, the portal should streamline operations for better decision making, inventory management, transactional processing tasks, report generation, and data storage, and communicate reports with authorized users.

You have been hired as a business intelligence consultant to build an integrated portal system which handles the tasks mentioned above. You need to present the following findings and recommendations on your portal choice:

Provide an overall architectural design in the form of a write-up and/or diagram of your portal solution. Your solution must include directions on how internal staff should use the portal. Explain how to access, search, view, enter/change orders, create reports, and utilize other features. Use this site as an example: <link is hidden> /> Additionally, specify any application(s) or tool(s) that you believe will work to increase operation efficiency, and provide a rationale behind your portal selections and the tools that are utilized.

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