“Network models are visual representations that represent objects and their relationships to each other by the use of nodes and arcs.

“Network models are visual representations that represent objects and their relationships to each other by the use of nodes and arcs..

Network models are visual representations

1. According  to Techopedia.com “Network models are visual representations that  represent objects and their relationships to each other by the use of  nodes and arcs.(Techopedia, 2018)”  The benefits of network modeling are  that it gives the user a simple method to graphically display the  relationships between the nodes.  The data integrity is better than a  typical hierarchal model.  The main benefit though is that you can  manage many relationships in a network model as opposed to a hierarchal  model.

Shortest route technique is a “way that a user can find the shortest  path through a network. (Render, Stair, Hanna &, Hale. 2017)”  An  example of this technique is when a manufacturing company is trying to  figure out shipping routes and wants to know the shortest distance  between distribution hubs and regional stores.  The shortest route  technique would allow them to easily determine the optimal shipping  method.

The maximal flow technique “is a method used in conjunction with linear  programming that attempts to determine how much material can flow from  one point to another in a network. (Render, Stair, Hanna &, Hale.  2017)”  An example of this would be how much bandwidth an internet  connection has for a company and the amount of users utilizing it.  If  there is not enough bandwidth the end users will have slow internet.   Maximal flow technique can be used to determine computer networks  bandwidth requirements in regards to end users needs.

Tyler Newport                 Week 5

2. Network models are a convenient and  effective way to find a solution to a problem. Mangers in roles that  require solutions to complex problems turn to both linear programming  models and network models for answers. Network models are used to show  visual connection between different aspects of a problem. The network  model is composed of nodes and arcs. A node is considered to be a point  on the network, while an arc is considered to be a line on a network  that connects the nodes (Render, Stair, & Hanna, 2017. The  composition of these nodes and arcs is what is considered to be the  network. Once the network is established, different techniques can be  used to find the solution. The shortest-route technique can find the  quickest way through the network. This is beneficial when trying to find  the method that saves the most amount of time. The maximal-flow  technique determines the maximum amount of something that a network can  hold. This is beneficial when trying to determine the capacity of a  project. An example of the maximal-flow technique is a company that has a  microchip that uses the technique to determine that maximum amount of  data that can be routed through its struction

Brian Fallon RE: Unit VII Discussion Board Question

3. I feel that I have experience with  diversity. Growing up, I attended school in some areas that were very  diverse. The particular high school I attended was in a low income area.  The high school was very diverse in the realm of ethnic background.  After high school I began to work in Emergency Services. Working  Emergency services thrust you directly into the lives of ALL people.  These interactions have caused me to appreciate the person. I am aware  when we are providing care to a person of different ethnic background,  however it does not affect my patient care. All people have a right to  be treated equally among one another. This is a rule that does not  pertain to a certain race of people, but should be the same across all  peoples. Living in Southern California there is no escaping diversity.  Most of the population is a vast arrayment of people from all countries.  Learning to respect individuals for who they are and the beliefs they  possess is a necessity. People may disagree with one another, and that  is acceptable, but it must be done with mutual respect.


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4. Being in the military we are exposed  to a lot of diversity.  Before joining I didn’t have a lot of different  cultures where I noticed that there was any.  I joined the navy and now  I’ve seen that there is a lot of different races involved.  I first  didn’t know how to deal with situation when they occurred at my  workplace, but when exposed and learning throughout the years that  diversity is a huge portion of the military and that we all work  together to get the main mission done no matter what sex, race or  beliefs we all focused on the mission as one.  Diversity has shaped me  to be a better leader because in the society we live in it is still an  issue whether it be a job or a promotion fairness is not always on the  table, but I learn that no matter what you believe in or what sex or  race you are diversity helps bring different views into the community.

David Bowden                 RE: Unit VII Discussion Board Question

5. I chose Supersize Me for this weeks  movie and Morgan Spurlock is the narrator. I’ve heard about this movie  for years and never had any reason to watch it until now. MY god! I will  never eat at Macdonald’s again! What a concept, eating MickyD’s for  thirty straight days. Now i had my reservations before watching the  movie. “oh here we go, another hippie preaching about chickens rights”  or something to that effect. However, I was blown away by the fact that  the main charector and nnarrator was just a normal guy. His wife, (whose  a vegan) almost mad my premonition come true but he disagrees with that  life style which brought more credibility back in my eyes. It didn’t  seem like he had a agenda. The spark that started this whole thing was  two young girls suing Macdonald’s for making them fat. There wasent much  research to go on whether or not fast food was making people obese at  the time so he decided to test the theory. Just a normal early thirty  year old man testing a question. The way he goes about it was very  subjective and by the numbers. He had multiple doctors testing him every  few days for the data and for his safety. Just going by the numbers and  his obvious decrease in health, it was pretty easy to agree that eating  fast food cant be healthy. After the documentary comes out, Macdonald’s  confirms the fact that there products are unhealthy by taking the  portion “super size” off the menu even though they say it wasent because  of the movie. Interesting coincidence then. If this was a  indoctrination video, I am totally drinking the coolaid now.

My question is “Now that we have more data about this obesity  epidemic in the U.S. whats being done about it?” Its been almost 17  years sense that documentary was created. What has happened to deal with  this crisis. Something that Morgan eludes to in the film is all the  money going towards medications for obese people and how this drains the  economy. I would like to know how we are dealing with this issue.

Christopher Hill                 Chris’ response to Unit 7 DB question.

6. I chose to watch Who Killed the  Electric Car?  The film was narrated by Martin Sheen, and detailed the  argument that the technology to build and mass produce electric and  alternative power source vehicles is out there, but are consistently  being downtrodden, bought out, and otherwise kept off of the market by  petroleum companies to keep the demand for oil and other fossil fuels in  high demand. My perception of the argument really wasn’t changed by the  narrator.  I have always thought that the technology is out there, and  that the power of big oil is phenomenal.  While Martin Sheen is a good  actor and is well spoken, I know he is just that, an actor. He is paid  to recite lines efficiently.  Whether he has a personal interest in this  topic is yet to be seen.

This film is a few years old. Since then, there have been a  several electric cars hit the market and there are many cars on the  market today for sale.  The pricing of them is outrageous and the  immediate benefits are little to none, only long term  environmental benefits.  Should it be the duty of the government to make  these cars more affordable?  Do the majority people really care?

“Network models are visual representations that represent objects and their relationships to each other by the use of nodes and arcs.

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