Post two goals and two objectives you develop for that health care organization or a copy of the goals and three objectives you create.

Health care organization

In everyday conversation many people use the terms goals and objectives interchangeably; however, there is a difference between the two terms, and this difference is especially important for any health care organization.

In this Discussion, you will refer back to the health care organization that you previously selected and worked with in Week 2. You will analyze the goals and objectives for that health care organization, if they exist, and create them if they don’t exist. The object of this exercise is to determine how well the company’s goals and objectives align with its values, vision and mission statements.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Refer back to the health care organization you selected for the Week 2 Discussion.

If the organization from Week 2 has goals and objectives:

Post a brief description of the organization’s goals and objectives, and the differences between the two. Include a link to the document containing them. Then, evaluate whether those goals and objectives are meaningful as part of the strategic planning process, and how those goals and objectives are meaningful. Finally, compose or modify one goal and one objective you determine need improvement. If you feel none need improvement then create a supplemental goal or objective for the health care organization. Justify why the goal and objective you propose are better than those that already exist and why they are meaningful to guiding the organization.

If the organization from Week 2 does not have goals and objectives or only has goals indicated:

Post two goals and two objectives you develop for that health care organization or a copy of the goals and three objectives you create. Then, explain why they are meaningful and appropriate to the health care organization’s strategic planning efforts.

Support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional sources as appropriate. Your citations must be in APA format. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

The Rochester regional health care is one of the well-known health care for its services. It gives nothing but the best services. The patients are treated in the right way and given the best services. The hospital has the outpatient and inpatient unit. The hospital has a mission of enhancing people’s lives and also it has to preserve their health. This is done through enabling the access to health services appropriately. Also, the quality of health service provided has to be first that of high quality and also affordable not forgetting that it has to be driven by kindness and integrity and lastly respect. Also values like collaboration and foresight should lead the organization. The organization has set higher standards. This is to help in providing the best services in the health care. Better smarter and faster organizations have been made. This is to make the quality of the hospital better (Zuckerman, 2012).

The organization treats everyone with respect. The patients together with the employees are treated with a lot of respect the employees are paid on time. The patients are treated with a lot respect. The services they get are well and of high quality

The institution does everything with compassion. The patients are treated carefully and with respect. The employees treat the patients with a lot of compassion. The patients are shown that there is hope for them to heal. Everyone in the institution does the work without being forced

Everything that takes place in the healthcare institution is done according to the mission vision and values of the healthcare. Hence making the healthcare unique and be preferred to from others.

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