The importance of clarity in terminology.

The importance of clarity in terminology..

The importance of clarity in terminology.

Create a Glossary

Business Analysis emphasizes clarity of communication among stakeholders which requires that terms used in the discussion of needs and requirements have a common meaning. The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to explore the importance of clarity in terminology.

Your Task

  1. Create a glossary of terms for your work area or a key project that contains approximately twenty terms. Following BABOK page 286, 287 you should choose terms that are unique to your domain, may have multiple definitions and consequently may have a reasonable chance of being misunderstood by different stakeholders.  If you are not currently employed then you can choose another area of your life such as community projects, family budget, or taking an SCS course.

The attributes of your glossary should be

  • Name (E.g. Instructor)
  • Description (E.g. An individual assigned to teach a course at SCS)
  • Aliases (E.g. Teacher, professor, facilitator)
  • Examples (E.g. Tom Barker, Sigmund Birch)


  1. Review this glossary with four stakeholders and make modifications based on their feedback. Ask them how useful they think the glossary could be and how it might best be used going forward. Summarize in one sentence the consensus view on how useful it could be and how it should be used.
  2. Write one paragraph that explains what you have learned from the process of creating a glossary.

Ideally your assignment should be approximately one page.


All responses received on time will be evaluated on the following basis, resulting in a final score between 0 and 100:

Based on Completeness (30), Correctness (30), Clarity (20), Creativity (20).



The importance of clarity in terminology.

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