What do you understand by an Entrepreneurial venture?

What do you understand by an Entrepreneurial venture?


Answer the questions achieving all Learning Outcomes as mentioned in the table:



  1. What do you understand by an Entrepreneurial venture? Enlist their similarities & differences.
  2. Evaluate the meaning and difference of Entrepreneurship in both Public & Corporate sector.
  3. Examine the development and growth of an entrepreneurial venture with relevant example of one or more companies.


  1. Explore and evaluate an entrepreneurial mindset.
  2. Determine the characteristic traits and skills of a successful entrepreneur which differentiates them from other business managers.
  3. Evaluate successful entrepreneurs with examples.


  1. Examine using relevant examples, how background and experience can hinder or foster entrepreneurship.
  2. Background and experience influence entrepreneurs, both positively and negatively. Analyze & evaluate.


  1. Analyse the importance of Small businesses & Business start-ups, for the growth of an economy.
  2. Evaluate with examples of how small businesses can have an impact on different levels of an economy.


Submission Format for Task 1:

The submission will be in the form of a report. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs, subsections and illustrations as appropriate and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 2,500–3,000 words, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.

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