Comparative analysis

Comparative analysis

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Weighting: 35%

Due Date: Week 5, Sunday 11:59pm

Length: 2000 – 3000 words. Each Table or Figure is counted as 50 words + the number of words in its caption. The words in summary report are counted but the words in the table of content are not counted.


This is an individual assignment. Your Word document is your report and the excel file would be a supportive document, and you may refer to that in the Word document for further details.
For this assignment you are required to study the business analytics practices of a real company. You can choose any of the discussed areas in this course.
On the chosen topic and company, you are required to:

Please be advised that your report must contain a comparative analysis and not just describe the current practices in the company. In other words, you need to compare the existing and current practices with the model/practices that you are proposing in your report. Your final report must address both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the selected topics.


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Special Consideration:

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Submission Format: 

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Assessment declaration:

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Cover sheet for assignment: Cover Sheet.pdf

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