Explain the difference between hardware and software.

  1. Answer the following questions in your own words, 
    1. Provide one paragraph discussing the history of the personal computer between the years of 1970 to 1985.

    1. Explain the difference between hardware and software. Describe what hardware is, as well as examples. Describe what software is, as well as examples. 

    2. What is an Operating System? What is it responsible for? (be specific)

    3. Explain what application software is, and why it is important for a device to be successful. 

    4. What is the internet? What is WWW? Provide a brief timeline of the history of the Internet starting with ARPANET.

    5. What is a computer network? What is the purpose of having a computer network? What types of computer networks are there?

    6. What is cybersecurity? What are some specific attacks, and what can you do to protect yourself?

    7. What is big data? Why is it important for you to know about big data? 

    8. What was the most important topic you learned in this class? And why?

    9.   What other area of computing would you be interested in that was not covered in this class?


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