Explain what the problems are with positional bargaining

Explain what the problems are with positional bargaining

These are the specifications for the paper:

– In the introduction, summarize the book and describe key lessons learned. In the first paragraph, make sure to introduce the title of the book and the author(s). In the conclusion, highlight the key lessons you took away from the book.

– Do not use “you” or “your”

– Explain what the problems are with positional bargaining. What are the reasons it doesn’t work? Provide an example from the book or the real-world of positional bargaining.

– Define and explain the four points of principled negotiation.

– Identify what the most powerful interests are according to the book.

– Explain in detail what BATNAs are and why it is so important to know what they are when at the negotiating table.

– Mention at least two of the common tricky tactics (as defined in the book) and what strategies may be used to overcome them.

– If given the opportunity to get significantly more than what you think is fair, should you take it?

– When SHOULD and when should someone NOT negotiate?

– Describe which parts of the book’s teachings make sense to you and which ones you think might be flawed.

– Include a cover page with name, date, email and your unique LinkedIn URL.

– 1,000 word maximum, single spaced, and 12 point Times New Roman font.

– Use MLA-style in-text citations and include a separate page with your “Works Cited” list also in MLA format. This extra page does not count towards your 1,000 word maximum. Feel free to use sources outside of the book, just make sure you cite them.

– Do not ask rhetorical questions in your paper.

– Do not use informal language. Exclamation marks, questions marks, etc should be eliminated altogether.

–  Stickler for grammar and will deduct a significant amount of points if paper is not well written.

– Don’t tell the reader what you are going to do in your paper, just do it. (I.e. “Lets talk about…”)

– Use direct quotes from the book making sure to cite your sources properly with in-text citations.

-PDF format


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