Please analyze the following aspects of the organization you selected for your leadership/professional development plan and provide a short paragraph about that aspect in regards to your chosen organization.

1. Values. What are the identified values and are they defined? Does the organization embraces their stated values? Evidence is available by analyzing the actions, policies and reputation of the organization.

2. Vision. What is the vision of the organization? Is the vision based on their stated values? From available evidence, does the organization believe in its vision?

3. Mission/Purpose Statement. What is the mission/purpose statement and does it agree/follow/support the organization’s values and vision?

4. What is the overall leadership style of the organization? Do they follow a servant leadership, hierarchal/authoritarian, shared/participative, team or some other style of leadership?

5. What is the overall leadership style of its CEO or senior leader.

6. Is the organization adaptive, transformational or neither? Please analyze according to models discussed during previous courses.

7. Discuss the ethical climate of the organization.

8. Does the organization embrace diversity? What are the demographics of the organization?

9. Overall, is this an organization that you want to work for and why?

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