Pope Gregory’s dating system

Pope Gregory’s dating system.

Pope Gregory’s dating system (notes): A.D. & B.C, C.E; & B.C.E.

6 reasons why Black Studies is important (notes)

Portrayal of Africa: 3 methods of Symbolic Annihilation: trivialize, condemn, and omit (notes)


Political Institutions (pp. notes), family, clan, and village states; kingdom; peculiar African custom which limited leaders power

Economic life (pp. notes): land ownership, “master of the ground,” iron, commerce

Social organization (notes): clan; matrilineal societies- 3 reasons why (notes); polygamy- 2 types & 2 reasons why (notes), rearing children, wife’s allegiance to family; working of the soil; manumission

Religion (notes): Animism (definition) + pantheon of deities (definition) + ancestor veneration (definition); funerals;

Functional vs. Static Art (notes); songs; language and the oral tradition; morality and the Black Family

African Culture in the Diaspora (notes): Cultural Retention (3 examples); Diaspora/African Diaspora: (Places where enslaved Africans were taken Caribbean during the 1600s: Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Curacao, St. Eustatius, Tobago, Gaudeloupe, Martinique, Marie Galante, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, St. Christopher, Nevis, Antigua, Montserrat, Barnadon,, St. Vincent.…Latin America: Mexico, Panama, Columbia, Peru, Argentine, Guatemala as early as 1524, Venezuela, Ecuador, Caracas, Cartagena, Uruguay, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Brazil)

Ghana: capital, outside religious influence, economic life, Tenkamenin

Mali: Mansa Musa, pilgrimage, University of Sankore and other influences on education

Songhay: Relativity to other West African Kingdoms, military, Askia Mohammed’s greatest contribution to West Africa, pilgrimage, curriculum

Ashanti’s resistance to Britain (19th – 20th centuries) (notes)

Queen Njinga of Matamba

Significance of 3 major West African Kingdoms (Ghana, Mali, Songhay) flourishing between 7th century and 16th century and slavery myth.

Pope Gregory’s dating system

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