Positioning statement “Sandals for Our World”

Positioning statement “Sandals for Our World”.

Positioning statement “Sandals for Our World”


Mission: to provide comfortable sandals for you and for someone in need. Kelly’s promises that every pair of sandals is soft, lightweight, and affordable. For every pair of shoes we sell, we will give 1 pair of sandals to a child in need.


These goals reflect our last calendar year (decision 2).

  • We need to increase our net profit from ($1,474,456) to over 3 million dollars within the next year.


  • We need to maintain our customer satisfaction at around 75%


  • We need to return on our marketing expense. Right now, we are (14%). We plan to have our rate of return on marketing expenses to be 40% over the next few years.
  • We want our customers to have the competitive advantage with our sandal by knowing they are not only benefiting themselves, but also by giving a pair of sandals to someone in need, something other brands do not offer.


Target Market: Millennials and Generation Z

VALs: Believers, Achievers, and Innovators

     Why Believers?

  • We want to target people who value basic rights lead to a good life.


Why Achievers?

  • This group is hard-working and goal-oriented. We need to market towards “go getters.”


Why Innovators?

  • We need this group to “experiment” with our sandals. We need to attract this group by showing them how we are solving the world’s problems.








Positioning statement “Sandals for Our World”

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