Summarize cyber security and its evolution.

Summarize cyber security and its evolution.

Special Objective to Discuss: Summarize cyber security and its evolution.

Create a voice over PowerPoint. (How to Create a Voice Over PowerPoint: You must also include in-text citations (Author, Year) for each piece of information. Failure to cite will be considered plagiarism and a zero will be issued for the assignment. Keep quotations to a minimum but make sure to use quotation marks and pages or paragraph numbers when quoting.

The PowerPoint should include the following slides:

· Title Slide: Your Name, Case Study Title

· Background Slide(s):

· Event Background

· What/When/Where/Why (if applicable)

· Number of people affected/injured/killed

· Primary and Secondary Hazards associated with the event (as applicable)

· Interesting Facts

· Case Study Objective (see specific case study requirements)

· Phases of Homeland Security (one slide per phase) – 3-5 points minimum should be included for each phase (see the Tips Video-You may want to use more talking points than text – use the notes sections as necessary)

· Prevention

· Protection

· Mitigation

· Response

· Recovery

· References Slide – APA References Minimum 5, at least two must be from your own research above and beyond sources provided to you.

Sources link: see attachment

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