Taking Your Place in the Counseling Profession

Taking Your Place in the Counseling Profession.

Taking Your Place in the Counseling Profession

Recall the many aspects of the profession of Clinical Mental Health Counseling you have learned about in this course: foundations of professional counselor identity, advocacy for the profession and for clients, settings in which counseling occurs, interdisciplinary collaboration, consultation and supervision, and the effectiveness of counseling.

Contemplate your own professional growth across the past ten weeks. Then, in your post, include the following:

· Detail the three most important points you have learned during this course.

· Discuss one personal strength and personal limitation you may experience as a CMHC.

· Provide an action plan for how you will handle your potential limitation, including how you will seek supervision when appropriate.

Use first person voice in your post. Support your action plan with citations of readings and resources from this course, using APA style.

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two of your peers who have described strengths and limitations that differ from yours. What can you take away from this discussion that will help you learn to deal effectively with personal characteristics that have the potential to impact your counseling practice?


· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

· APA Style and Format.

Taking Your Place in the Counseling Profession

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