Topic & Visual Aid Brainstorming

Topic & Visual Aid Brainstorming.

Discussion: Topic & Visual Aid Brainstorming

This activity will help you to brainstorm topics you might use for your speeches and visual aids that would work with some of those topics. List at least five (5) items under each of the 7 categories below that you know something about, feel strongly about, and/or are willing to research. Your list should include 35 items.


  1. People (anyone you would consider giving a speech on)
  2. Places/Travel (places you have been or would like to go)
  3. Work/Majors (jobs people can have, things you’d be interested in doing)
  4. Events (things that have happened in history or things that recur over time)
  5. How To/Process (how to do something or how something works)
  6. Problem/Concern (can be local, regional, national, global)
  7. Hobby/Sport (e.g. scrapbooking, football, etc.)

Next, choose one item from each list above and divide each item into 3 subcategories (related to the original topic). Your final list should total 21 items.

Example: Oprah Winfrey (a person you might have listed above)

  1. Her early career as a journalist.
  2. Her career as a talk show host.
  3. Her career as a television network owner.

Finally, for each of the seven topics you broke into subcategories, give one or two ideas of what you could use for a visual aid if you were to do a speech about that topic. Consult your textbook about different types of visual aids and technology you can use in your speeches.

Reply to this discussion to post your answers and be sure to comment on at least 2 of your classmates’ posts.

Topic & Visual Aid Brainstorming

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