This request is for final phase of a BUSINESS PLAN for a plant-based make-up company named    “TRANSLUCEN COSMETICS”

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  1 – 1 ½ pages

Technology Plan 1-2 pages

Create a Technology plan for a makeup company with the following specifications:

Software needs (specify on-premise and “in the cloud”)

Hardware Needs

Telecommunications Needs

Personnel Needs (Specify in-house or outsourced).

Provide a rationale for the personnel needs section by incorporating appropriate functional-level strategies.

Hint Consider the type of technology your company will use to conduct the following activities: Manage personnel; take, fulfil, and track orders; manage inventory; communicate with customers and provide customer service.

Management and Organization 1-2 pages

.  Create a management plan for the make up company using the following questions:

Key Management and Employees – make up artist and sales representative

Board members and Advisors

Management Structure and Style e.g flowchart showing president, vp operations, vp sales, vp marketing etc

Mgr, employees etc.

Using the flow chart as a guide outline your company’s management hierarchy (mentioned above with President, vp operations, vp sales etc).

Note: Charts or Diagrams must be imported/included in MS word document

Provide the rationale for the management structure and style section by incorporating appropriate functional-level strategies.

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