Social Movements In Modern United States

Social Movements In Modern United States

This semester we have studied several movements. Using the readings in Bloom and Breines, as well as current news magazine and newspaper sources, write a 5-page essay that describes the ways in which these movements compare and contrast with current movements. You can focus on any number of these movements you wish, but you must engage the text and current news sources to make your case. Compare and contrast these movements based 2-4 of the 10 questions we have used in class to apply to the class readings. Be sure to have a thesis statement and topic sentences that are tied together. Also, ensure that your paragraphs have the evidence that supports the comparative you make between these movements. Your introduction should introduce your topic and thesis statement (your argument) and your conclusion should summarize your paper’s argument.

As with Essays #1 & 2 use MLA style formatting and citations.

For review purposes, please note the essay outline we reviewed in class.

Essay Outline
I. Introduction with a thesis statement that summarizes your argument.
II. Body paragraphs with a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. The topic sentence should be directly connected to your thesis statement. The paragraphs should support the topic sentences, which in turn support your thesis statement.
III. Conclusion which summarizes your main points and contains your closing argument.
Note: Make sure you use and cite the books with footnotes, to back up your arguments in your paper.

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