Technology Infrastructure


Technology Infrastructure

Hello Class! Please respond to BOTH of the following questions:

Question A

Describe the similarities and differences between XML and HTML. What are the benefits of each? Why would you use one over the other?


Project Selection

We all have multiple projects occurring at once. For example, you have projects at work, at home, and for each of your courses. How you determine which projects will be completed and when can be a challenging task. Project Management provides a variety of selection methods and techniques that can assist you with selecting projects and prioritizing them.

Select and describe a total of six projects from at least three of these four categories: projects from home, projects at work, government projects, or school projects. These projects should be no older than two (2) months.  Describe the process you would use to prioritize them. State what the two most important projects are. Also, provide the rationale for your selections.

Please respond to at least two of your peers’ initial posts critiquing their selection process methodology and recommendation. The goals of your follow-up posts are to improve the selection process and selection outcome. In addition, your goal is to provide feedback rather than criticism.

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