What is the ethical issue here?  Life without parole?

What is the ethical issue here?  Life without parole?.

What is the ethical issue here?  Life without parole?

Read the following and answer the questions below.

The research case I chose within the criminal justice system that was considered the normative behavior by the participants was the case of Miller v. Alabama. In the case of Miller v. Alabama (Miller v. Alabama, 2012) the petitioner Evan Miller was fourteen years old at a point in time of his offense. The agency was to promote thinking about his mother who was in an anguish of alcoholism, substance addiction and the abuse from his stepfather. Miller was also using drugs regularly and had attempted suicide for four times.

The involved parties were Colby Smith who was a friend to Miller, Cole Cannon, who was their neighbor and was coming to create a drug agreement with his mother. Cannon was liable to the court for having the consent of a juvenile to use marijuana and allowing them to play drinking games. The ethical breach was that Miller was to be charged as the juvenile and was allowed to seek approval of taking away the case from the adult court and the juvenile court came into a consensus to shift the hearing. This was due to the mental immaturity of Miller and his preceding immature offenses, which was affirmed by the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

The state charged Miller as a grown person with putting to death in the course of inflammable carrying a compulsory bare minimum penalty of life without parole. This is not the accepted practice to be put in place in the criminal justice system, as he was sentenced to a life devoid of the prospect of parole. Also, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals acknowledged the verdict that life devoid of parole was not more than usually cruel when compared to the offense and the compulsory temperament of the sentencing system was allowable (State v. Zarate, 2018). The modification ruled out that brutal and strange sentence assures persons of the freedom not to be subjected to too many sanctions.

1.What is the ethical issue here?  Life without parole?  I am not sure even what the crime was he was charged with the carries that sentence?  Life without parole was allowed for juveniles until the supreme court ruling against it – would you want a juvenile serial killer released?

What is the ethical issue here?  Life without parole?

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