Marketing strategies aimed at mobile devices

Marketing strategies aimed at mobile devices.

Marketing strategies

Internet and communication technologies have changed our lives drastically during the last two decades. It has a major impact on all marketing mix variables as well as education, and many other industries. Given this in mind, select one of the topics listed below, and write your paper. The topics listed are intentionally kept broad. You need to narrow it down to a particular area and create a more focused topic for yourself.

Your paper should be 5-7 pages long (1.5 line spacing and 12 font size).  You should read at least five quality articles for this project (three of the five must be scholarly journal articles). You should incorporate these articles into the text, have short citations in the text and add full references at the end of the paper in alphabetical order (Please read further guidelines on Assignment 1 on Sakai “Assignments” folder). Work in sections rather than writing a long essay. Your “introduction” should lay out what you will cover in the paper and you should end with a “conclusions” section. In between, you should introduce sub-topics (sections) as you find appropriate.

Choose one of the following topics:

  1. The      role of technology in education
  2. Marketing strategies aimed at mobile devices
  3. How      do businesses use technology in their marketing efforts
  4. The      growth of electronic commerce and impact on traditional marketing
  5. The      evolution of Internet technology and its impact on marketing

Marketing strategies aimed at mobile devices

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