1.  Review the Terminal Course Objectives, accessed by clicking on the “Course Information” tab at the top of your screen, scrolling down to the “Course Objectives” and then selecting View class objectives. How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management? What risks or challenges might a manager encounter if they have not mastered these objectives? Explain .

When reviewing the course objectives, it is apparent to me the all the objectives are situations that will be necessary for me to learn, master, accomplish and use in my future endeavor in Business management.  The risk, legal responsibilities, strategic critical thinking skills, constitutional, cost-effects, and cultural decision-making skills finance analysis.  All the course objectives will support all aspects of my success in managing my new and upcoming cleaning business.

Not mastering the course objectives could prove to be the downfall of a business.  By not giving accurate cost analysis could cause over spending leading to business legal issues from inadequate training and possible accounting oversites causing over spending.  which could cause sponsors to see legal representation to retrieve owed revenue which revenue owed, could leads to court cost.

2.  Societal marketing is on the rise, as more companies consider the value proposition of their image beyond just the features and benefits of a product or service. Societal marketing considers issues such as the environment, fair trade, and the overall betterment of society. Select a company that exemplifies giving back to the communities in which it operates. Visit its corporate Web site to find out as much as possible about its contributions to society.


Warby Parker had an objective to offer designer eyeglasses and sunglasses at a ground-breaking cost while pathing the way for socially sensible businesses.

Most ideas begin with some sort of problem and the eyeglass business is currently governed at high cost rates for prescription glasses.  Plain and simple, prescription glasses are too expensive.  Warby Parker says, “Warby Parker Prescription Eyeglass and Sun ware was started to create an alternative”.

By avoiding customary networks, creating glasses in-house and participating directly with customers.  Warby Parker Prescription Eyeglass and Sunglasses can offer better more attractive prescription eyeglasses and Warby Parker’s Prescription eyeglass and sun ware believe purchasing glasses should be a good experience and everyone should be able to purchase eyeglasses at a smaller percentage of the higher priced prescription glasses costs, and they believe that everyone has the right to see.  Warby Parker has locations world-wide.

Warby Parker Prescription Eyeglass collaborates with nonprofits like VisionSpring, to make certain that for each pair of glasses that are sold, a pair is given to people in need.

http// www.warbyparker.com/history

3.  Choose a product which you would like to improve upon; determine its current position in the life cycle. Find current two industry leaders related to this product and share each mission statement available from each of their websites

Amazon and Ring

Amazon even now maintains your doorstep. Now it seeks to protect the inside of consumers homes.

Amazon is purchasing Ring, the producers of security cameras and internet-connected doorbells. It matches up effectively with Amazon Key, a smart door lock and security camera service that permits Amazon delivery servicers to leave packages inside of people’s homes. It works in sync with a security camera that records every in-home delivery. Ring offers related services, recording live videos of customers’ doorsteps and houses, then sending the videos to their smartphones.  Powered by SmartAsset.com.  Retrieved from (2018) smartasset.com

Shaq and Ring

Ring’s goal is to decrease crime in neighborhoods. Ring’s security systems are reasonable lower prices security systems that you can monitor your home from your smart phone, PC or laptop.

Shaq believes that home security should be available despite the economic standings, so Ring security decided to pare up with shaq.  Not only has Shaq agreed, but he uses Ring security system to keep his own home safe and secure.  Retrieved from ring.com


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