American Identity

American Identity

Write a 5-7 page paper, must incorporate research into the assignment. I want to give you freedom to write and research a topic of your choice for this paper, though there are some guidelines you will need to follow:

1. You must incorporate at least 5 SCHOLARLY sources into your paper

2. You must examine American Identity in some way

3. You will need to incorporate at least 2 authors (Wilson August and Kate Chopin)that we read and discussed into your paper


Wilson August-  Fences    link:

Kate Chopin – “A Shameful Affair” “At the Cadian Ball” “The Storm” “Desiree’s Baby” “A Respectable Woman” “Story of an Hour” “Regret” “The Kiss”

4. You must adhere to the page limits given (5-7pages)

5. You must turn in a draft of your introduction at least 1 week before the paper is due


1. simple english

2. MLA citation

3. turn in introduction draft(2-5 sentences)by Sunday

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