Assessment Practices In PE

Assessment Practices In PE

Research Proposal

HPE 578

Overview: Write a research proposal. Basically this is the first half of a research paper where you prepare to start collecting data. Thus, you will not actually conduct the research so there are no results to present or discuss.


  1. APA formatting
  2. Minimum of 2500 words, excluding the reference section
  3. Minimum of 8 primary sources
  4. Follow the provided template, “Dallas Baptist Template”

Suggested steps:

Step 1 – Choose a general topic.

Step 2 – Search the databases and start reading relevant articles.

Step 3 – Identify a problem of a “gap” in the literature. Narrow in on a specific research area of interest to you. You will probably need to locate more sources at this point.

Step 4 – Write the introduction. Some authors write the introduction as a separate chapter from the lit review and others combined them. For the sake of this assignment, you will keep them separate like the provided template (Dallas Baptist Template) shows. Here you will include the problem statement, purpose statement and hypothesis or research questions. You may or may not discuss a relevant theoretical framework. If you are performing a qualitative and/or survey study, it is likely you will discuss the theoretical framework.

Step 5 – Methods Section. Not necessarily in this order, but you should discuss the following:

  • Design
  • Procedures
  • Subjects
  • Instrumentation
  • Data analysis – I suggest you keep this simple. Identify a few variables and do you best to select the appropriate statistical tests (if warranted). This is not a stats class and I know this is new to many of you so simple do you best and feel free to call or email for help. The flow chart at the end of chapter 14 is a good starting point.

Step 6 – Proof read and edit, compile your references section and check in safe assign to be 100% sure that you did not plagiarize.

Step 7 – Write the abstract and proof read again.


See the resource folder for this assignment and use your text book.


  • Read the entire articles so you get a good feel for the research process. Only reading the abstracts will limit your understanding.
  • Remember to write in future tense sense you have not conducted the research yet. For example, “the subjects’ body fat will be measured with calipers…”
  • Use a referencing tool to help you keep track of your sources, it will also make the writing stage much easier as you insert parenthetical citations and compile the reference list.
  • Write like the authors in the example articles. Clear and to the point – try to avoid slang, contractions, unnecessary words and phrases, and first person references. See some examples below:

No: Smith (2003) took into consideration the young students’ desire to play

Yes: Smith (2003) considered the children’s’ desire to play

No: In these modern times, children today simply want to spend hour upon hour endlessly playing video games.

Yes: The current generation spends a great amount of time playing video games.

No: I will weight each participant with a balance scale.

Yes: participants will be weighed on a balance scale. Or Researchers will weight participants with a balance scale.


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