Chickering, A (2015). Experience and Learning. New York: Change Magazine Press

Experience and Learning


Throughout the course progress, the utmost concept that I have learned includes the collection subsequent to the analysis of data.  For example, an effective gathering of data is a one step that develops a basis for the undertakings that necessitates for examination process. At the same time, the collection and analysis of data also offers a basis of the data being relevant in nature.

Another important lesson learnt in the course involves my ability to reflect as well as to focus on the set career goals (Chickering, 2015). Through the leverage of the needs assessment, it makes it easy for a scholar to outline their future prospects in relation to the course they undertake. As a result, an individual is at a position of adding more input to their set certified resumes.

I have also come to learn about the distinctive types of appraisals. Nevertheless, through focusing on the career goals, one is at a position of resorting to the utmost assessment to apply in their day to day undertakings (Kompf, 2013). Another importance of variance in evaluation is that an individual is at a position of separating the needs of their certifications as well as to their non-training competencies.

In my course reflection, familiarizing with the actions of the leaders as well as to their drawbacks is another important lesson learnt in the course. For example, one gains the knowledge on the steps needed in order to reach important decisions for the select organization.  From this, the most important focus is to arrive at decisions with a view of maximizing profits while at the same time, making use of the limited resources.

Lastly, the value of leadership, subjects and culture traits, is another important aspect in my course reflection (Chickering, 2015). Through this, I am at a position of shaping up my view on the operations of select companies



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