Court Observation/Business Transaction

  1. Court Observation/Business Transaction

You are required to observe a court proceeding (criminal or civil; trial or appellate level; state or federal case) or any business proceeding/transaction.  An observation must be a minimum of two continuous hours of a particular case or in the same courtroom or the entirety of a business proceeding/transaction.


Subsequent to observing the proceeding, you are required to submit a typewritten analysis (3-5 double spaced pages) which must, at a minimum, include:

– identify the judge (if relevant), parties to the litigation or transaction

– date, time, place, and length of observation (including location of proceeding,

i.e. City Hall, Federal Building…, and courtroom number)

– summary of the court observation or business transaction

– your analysis, impression, opinion and thoughts of both the legal proceeding(s) or business transaction and the environment in which the events took place

– interrelationship between the court observation/business transaction and the course materials as it relates to the business environment

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