How do anti-smoking campaigns change the life of smokers?

How do anti-smoking campaigns change the life of smokers?.

How do anti-smoking campaigns change the life of smokers?



This is the big one. There is a large gap between this assignment and the previous one because this assignment will take time. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FOR THE LAST MINUTE. It involves actually collecting interview or survey data and then reporting the findings.


In this assignment you will describe your research approach and methods and report interview or survey results, whichever methodological approach you chose. There are four parts to this assignment: (1) Introduction, (2) Approach, (3) Results, and (4) Discussion.


Please write in complete sentences, NOT in bullet points/outline format. Remember to cite all sources that you used both in the text as well as the reference list at the end of your report, using APA style.


Using these research questions!!


Research Question

We intend to do a qualitative study to gain an understanding of the topic and how consumers view anti-smoking campaigns.

Central question

  1. How do anti-smoking campaigns change the life of smokers? (RQ)


  1. What do smokers think about smoking? (RQ)

  2. What do smokers know about the anti-smoking campaign (e.g., advertising, anti-smoking organizations, or ordinances)? (RQ)

  3. What do smokers think about anti-smoking campaigns? (RQ)

  4. What do smokers think are the most effective aspects of anti-smoking campaigns? (RQ)

  5. How have anti-smoking campaigns affected smokers? (RQ)

Central question

  1. How does the public (non-smokers) react to anti-smoking campaigns? (RQ)


  1. How have anti-smoking campaigns impacted the (local) area? (RQ)

  2. How have anti-smoking campaigns impacted the world? (RQ)

  3. How have anti-smoking campaigns impacted lives of non-smokers? (RQ)

  4. What are the most effective aspects of anti-smoking campaigns to keep non-smokers away from cigarrettes? (RQ)

  5. What are the most ineffective aspects of anti-smoking campaigns? (RQ)

  6. How have anti-smoking campaigns impacted the health of the nation? (RQ)


The assignment should have the following sections (please use section headers):


  1. Introduction (1 paragraph double spaced)

Short summary of topic, to remind me what you were talking about.


  1. Research approach (1-2 double spaced pages)

2.1 Describing methods

Describe your methodological approach. You may choose between either conducting interviews or a survey. You do NOT have to do both. Only one of these is required. Explain why you selected that method for this particular study. Why is this method appropriate for this population and in this context?

2.2 Recruiting

            Who are your participants? Why did you pick this population? Where and how did you get people to participate?


If you are doing interviews you must have at least 4 participants. If you are doing surveys you must have at least 10 participants.


You may select any population to study EXCEPT for children under the age of 18. There are informed consent issues with research involving minors that are outside the scope of this class.








  1. Results (2-4 double spaced pages)

3.1 Description of participants

Demographics, and description of ‘who’ you actually have interviewed or surveyed.

3.2. Quotations/descriptions

Interviews: You must complete at least 4 semi-structured interviews. Report key findings, including useful quotations.

Surveys: You must obtain at least 10 survey responses. Report key findings, including useful quotations if open-ended questions were used, or useful statistics if only closed-ended questions were used.

Your results here are purely descriptive. Tell me what you found. Describe how your participants reacted and answered.

3.3 Research Questions and Hypotheses

Did you find support for your hypotheses? Did you receive answers for your research questions? Please keep in mind that in science nothing is ever “proven”, but only “supported”. Therefore you should never claim anything along the lines of “X proves Hypothesis 1”, but instead “X supports Hypothesis 1”. Also keep in mind that you’re not doing statistical analysis here (that is a whole other class), and your sample sizes are small, so you’ll be talking about trends in the data rather than actual effects.


  1. Preliminary discussion (1-2 double spaced pages)

Discuss your results. Think about what your findings contribute to your initial problem statement from Assignment 1. What does it mean that your participants answered how they did? What can you infer from your research? How does this help you frame how you should advertise your product, what media channels you might use to reach your target audience and the arguments that might be persuasive for your audience?


You will write a longer, more directed version of this for Assignment 4 (creative brief).


  1. Appendix

5.1 Items/instrument

Include the questions that you actually used for your interview or survey. You should have at least 10 questions (including important demographics such as age, gender, etc., and substantive topics).


  1. References

Cite using APA format.




Citing sources: You must cite your sources using APA format. If you are unfamiliar with APA check out the resources at Purdue OWL: You can also take the easy way out by using Endnote and telling it to do APA format.


The document must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.




The first criterion for your grade will be your ability to hand in the assignment and its components on time. Late assignment submissions will lose 10% per 24 hours until submitted.


Other factors I will be considering as I grade include:


  • Ability to follow the prompt (e.g., the content)
  • Clarity of writing and argumentation
  • Proper use of course information
  • Proper use and citation of outside sources
  • Organization, grammar, spelling (please see me if you need help with this!)


My philosophy of grading for written assignments is not that you start with 100% and lose points from there. You start at 0% and earn points higher than that. Therefore, doing the bare minimum does not earn you a 100%. The highest grades are earned by going above and beyond and writing an exemplary paper.


How do anti-smoking campaigns change the life of smokers?

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