Leadership Analysis: The Nature of Leadership

Paper 3, Term Project: Leadership Analysis: The Nature of Leadership( conceptual paper, 3-5 pages) 

This is a seminal project for this course; it should comprise all of the ideas that you have learned. This task is an individual undertaking.

The conceptual paper demonstrates a student’s ability to analyze, synthesize, generalize and apply a significant and relevant body of leadership literature to an area of interest. A conceptual paper demonstrates a critical and reflective approach to learning that discusses ideas drawn for the textbook and other reading assignments throughout the semester. The student is encouraged to go outside the immediate literature to discuss ideas relevant to what you have learned, relate them to each other, make generalizations, and apply them.

The final product will show the student’s understanding of what is significant in leadership theories, concepts, and/or themes as they relate to the student’s area of interest. Organizational, historical, cultural and other contexts are allowed, and their relevance for leading social system change with a particular focus.

In most cases, the essay displays the student’s broad and firm foundation of leadership.

This assignment will be evaluated along the following criteria that your work will demonstrate:

1. Critical and reflective learning by discussing theories, concepts and themes drawn from the literature, analyzing and synthesizing them;

2. Understanding of the organizational, historical, cultural and other contexts of the theories, concepts, or themes;

3. Understanding that theories, concepts, and themes may make some groups as the norm and others on the margin; and

The ability to apply the relevant theories, concepts, and themes to an area of interest.

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