Marketing Of Live Animals

Marketing Of Live Animals.

Marketing Of Live Animals

Advertising & Society

Major Paper


Points: 20%


Format: This is individual work. Do not collaborate with others.


Submitting your work: Your final project must be uploaded to D2L using the Major Paper Upload Link.  You may submit early if you like.


Topics: Please choose from one of the following topics or propose a topic to your instructor. If you would like to cover a topic that is not on this list, you must seek approval in writing before you start work on the final project. Do not prepare your final project using any unapproved topic or you run the risk of receiving a 0 grade on this project.

  • Predatory lending (e.g., mortgages, pay day loans, etc)

  • Marketing of organic foods

  • Marketing of co-ops (including CSAs)

  • The role of crowd funding in marketing (e.g., Kickstarter, GoFundMe)

  • Marketing of live animals (e.g., pets for adoption; livestock)

  • How brands have responded to the debate about gun-related violence

  • Brands that have succeeded or failed as a direct result of their political statements. If you choose this option, you should discuss specific examples of at least 2 brands that have succeeded and at least 2 that have fallen apart as a direct result of their political statements.

For any of these topics, you will need to do extensive research and provide very detailed and specific information to discuss as part of your project.



  • Choose one of the suggested topics or seek written approval for a different topic that was not already covered in class this semester.
  • Thoroughly research the topic so that you can write an evidence-based report. Although you are welcome to include your personal opinion in your paper, the paper does need to be based on factual information and defended using references.
  • Focus on telling your reader about the pros and cons of the topic and how society is impacted.
  • Prepare a 15- to 16-page (double-spaced) paper that discusses the topic in great detail.
  • Your paper should be formatted using strict APA style. See for helpful guidelines. Do not leave blank lines on any pages. Use 1” margins on all sides of the paper. Use only 12-point font.
  • Subheadings are permitted but are not essential.
  • You need to include an APA-formatted reference list. This list should start on a separate page and does not count towards the page limit for the paper. Be sure to include at least 10 references.
  • Use citations throughout your paper. Be sure to provide a reference for every important point you make. Use citations to back up any bold statements. Keep in mind your reader can say “I don’t think that’s true” any time if you are not supporting your points with references.
  • Your paper needs to present a synthesized account of the topic. Do not write in “book report” style. Book report style (which you should NOT do) is when you write one paragraph summarizing one paper you read, another paragraph summarizing a different source, etc. Instead, you should write each paragraph around a theme and each paragraph should contain multiple citations.
  • Do not plagiarize! If you copy someone else’s work (including any publications), you will fail this course and be reported for academic misconduct. Simply changing a few words here and there is still plagiarizing. See your instructor for help before you submit your work!
  • You are welcome to include tables or figures, however, these will not count towards your page limit. If you include a table or figure, please refer to it in the text (e.g., Table 1, Figure 1, etc) and then place it on a separate page after your reference list.



Grading Rubric:

/ 2



/ 5


/ 1

  The paper begins with a clear statement of the topic under investigation, as well as detailed exposition of why the topic is important to study in 2018.


The literature review is thorough and the reviewed content is clearly tied to the issue at hand.


The paper is between 15-16 pages in length (excluding reference list and tables/figures).


/ 5   The paper goes beyond a simple introduction to the topic. It provides deep insights or clever critique of the issue and available evidence.


/ 2   The paper considers the issue from more than one perspective.
/ 2


/ 3

  A full reference list is provided and is formatted using APA style.


Report is professionally written. There are no problems with spelling, grammar, layout, APA style, or length.


/ 20    
Reminder: Late work is not okay. Work received will receive 0.


Marketing Of Live Animals

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