Reflection Paper (Ethical Leadership)

Ethical Leadership

Write a one-two page reflection paper.

NOTE:  a reflection paper is not a summary of the course assignments.

The purpose of the reflection paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the material and how it will be used in practice in the future. (What lessons (refer to at least 3) have you learned in the course, how will you apply them in business or personal life?  Which discussions/assignments/activities in the course did you find most interesting?)

A reflection paper should include:

– Opening paragraph

– Main body

– Conclusion

Outline of the Course Materials:


  1. Evaluate leadership theories and ethical leadership
  2. Recognize ethical dilemmas and discuss ways to resolve issues
  3. Research and evaluate ethical and unethical leaders
  4. Research and report on affirmative action, investment in unethical companies or countries, product safety, whistle blowing and advertising.


TITLE: Business Ethics: A Managerial Approach

AUTHORS: Wicks, Freeman, Werhane, Martin

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