Understanding Culture Essay

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Understanding Culture Essay

Using a personal experience OR your knowledge of a news event, explain a situation where there was a need to put aside your own cultural bias, views, understandings and had to try to understand that situation from the cultural bias, views, and understandings of other individual involved in the situation.

***Write a 3-5 paragraph essay explaining the situation including the people involved (one paragraph or less), then using this situation answer the following question (two or more paragraphs):
Does it matter for us as individuals and as Americans that we understand our own culture and that we know about and understand other cultures – how they operate and what things mean to them?  Explain why or why not using the situation you described in the first paragraph.

Be sure to organize your response into an essay format with an

  • * introduction that has your thesis-the answer to the question,
    • * a body that gives explanation and examples to support your thesis and
    • * a conclusion that summarizes what the main point of your essay is.
    • Use the information from your answers to the reading questions (previous Body Ritual and Nacirema assignments) and own examples as evidence to support your response in well organized narrative essay.
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