Water Essay

Water Essay.

Water Essay

Where do you get your water?  Over the course of the next two days I want you to record every drop of water you drink.  Where does it come from.  Be sure to identify the water you drink as bottled water, tap water, filtered tap water, water fountain water, etc.  Keep a log of all the water you drink (including any water you may use in cooking) and record that log on the attached worksheet.

Write a short 2 to 3 paragraph reflective essay answering the following questions:

  1. Based on your past experience, does this consumption pattern represent your normal water usage?  If it does not, what is your normal water usage pattern?
  2. Where do you get most of the water you drink on a daily basis?
  3. Were you suddenly required to cut your water consumption in half (due to increased cost or limited supply), how would you cope?  In what ways would you have to adjust your behavior to accommodate this change and would it be difficult for you?

Each paragraph should average 4 to 5 full sentences.  I’m looking for a complete, well thought out reflective essay here.  Be thorough and descriptive in your essay and be sure to draw on the materials covered in the course directly.  For full points, you should not simply write an opinion piece – you must back up your opinions with facts derived from your readings and assignments.


Date Type of Water Quantity Type of Water (tap, bottled, etc.) Use (drinking, cooking, etc.)


Water Essay

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