Analysis: Purpose and Audience

Analysis: Purpose and Audience.

Part 2: Question 1, pages 56-57, Analysis: Purpose and Audience

Refer to textbook: The following examples deal with the same topic in four different ways. Using this chapter’s guidelines on purpose and audience, determine the main reason for which each excerpt was written and the technical level of the intended reader. Use complete sentences in your answers. Please save this portion of the assignment as a Word document and post it in the Unit #1 Dropbox. (15 points)

Please email the first part of this assignment (your introduction) to me directly. Please save the second portion of your assignment in Word format
Please revisit Question 3 on pages 31-32, which asks to identify the purpose and audience for each excerpt in the textbook (with separate answers for each excerpt), not analyze your own work. I recommend that you review the information on “Types of Readers” (and Reading Groups 1, 2, 3, & 4) on page 15 of your textbook, and then redo this assignment. In your answers, you should clearly identify the audience for each excerpt (from audience groups such as Managers, Operators, Experts, and General Readers) and you should explain the purpose for each excerpt in detail.


Technical Communication: A Practical Approach Author: Pfeiffer, William Edition/Copyright: 8TH Edition / Copyright 2013

Analysis: Purpose and Audience

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