Contract Rider For Musical Artist: Force Majeure/Act of God Clause

Force Majeure/Act of God Clause

To dissect a contract and answer the following questions. You may use any of the examples in the text “Contract Rider For Musical Artist”; “Sample Publishing Agreement”, or; “Standard Art Consignment Agreement”. (see attachment)

After you’ve reviewed your chosen contract, answer the following questions:

1.  What is the contract about (i.e., what is the purpose of the contract)?

2.  Where do you find the identification of the parties to the contract and the consideration being exchanged between the parties?

3.  How is the contract organized?  What sections come first, second, last etc.?  Why do you think it’s organized that way?

4.  Contracts often have standardized clauses, meaning most contracts include them regardless of the contracts’ subject matters.  Choose one of the following (make sure it is located in your contract) and explain what this clause means:

a.  Force Majeure/Act of God Clause

b.  Representations/ Warranty Clause

c.  Indemnity Clause

d.  Governing Law Clause

e.  Entire Agreement Clause