How organizations develop and manage strategies

How organizations develop and manage strategies.

How organizations develop and manage strategies


This assignment is the first of three assignments. You will use the tools and apply concepts learned in this and previous business courses to demonstrate an understanding of how organizations develop and manage strategies to establish, safeguard and sustain its position in a competitive market.

Monitoring competitors’ performance is a key aspect of performing an external environment analysis. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the competitive position of one of the organizations listed below and integrate that information in an External Factor Evaluation (EFE) matrix and Competitive Profile Matrices (CPM).

In this assignment, students are presenting a PowerPoint presentation. The expectation is that the presentation provide the level of detail to help a viewer grasps the main topics and to fully understanding the External Environmental Analysis.

Analysis is the operative word. In analyzing the external environment, you are expected to thoroughly research and take that research and break it into small parts to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the external environment of the business. In researching an industry, it is important to understand that every company within an industry is different so gathering information on one company does not mean that the collected information is relevant to other company within that industry. When researching, parsing the material is critical to an accurate analysis. Avoid presenting just any information as that may lead to using irrelevant information.

You will then create the PowerPoint Presentation using the Note section to share the analysis. In using the Note Section of the presentation, you are expected to present information and support the ideas and reasoning using the course material and your research. You will not lift any information from source documents without properly citing and referencing. For the technical analysis aspect of the assignment, you are required to create the technique on your own and may not use from any source material that you happen to find. No work from a clearinghouse or similar website may be used or cited as a credible source.

Skill Building:

In this project, you are building many different skills including research, critical thinking, writing and developing analytical skills related to various strategy tools used in business.

Skill Building:

In this project, you are building many different skills including research, critical thinking, writing and developing analytical skills related to various financial analysis tools and strategy tools used in business.

Outcomes Met With This Project:

utilize a set of useful analytical skills, tools, and techniques for analyzing a company strategically;
integrate ideas, concepts, and theories from previously taken functional courses including, accounting, finance, market, business and human resource management;
analyze and synthesize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to generate, prioritize, and implement alternative strategies in order to revise a current plan or write a new plan and present a strategic plan;


Step 1: Research

In completing the report, students will use the chapters in the eBook as a guide and perform research on the company from Assignment 1, answer the required elements below in narrative form following the steps.

Library Resources

You will be using scholarly material and Mergent Online to research privately held companies. On the main navigation bar in the classroom select, Resources and then select Library. Select Databases by Title (A – Z). Select M from the alphabet list, and then select Mergent Online.

UMUC library is available for providing resources and services. Seek library support for excellence in your academic pursuit.

Library Support

Extensive library resources and services are available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at to support you in your studies. The UMUC Library provides research assistance in creating search strategies, selecting relevant databases, and evaluating and citing resources in a variety of formats via its Ask a Librarian service at

Scholarly Research in OneSearch

To search for only scholarly resources, you are expected to place a check mark in the space for “Scholarly journals only” before clicking search.

Step 2: The External Analysis

After reading the course material for the first three weeks, you will perform an external analysis on an industry where a company from the list below operates and competes. You will select one of these companies to complete the analysis. Using a company other than these will result in a zero for the assignment. You will perform research on the selected company, its industry and its competitors.

Focus on factors related to the company’s industry and the environment that it and its competitors make. The factors to measure are those identified in a SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, PESTEL, EFE, and CPM.

The companies that you may select from include the following:


Illumina, Inc. (NMS:ILMN)

uniQure N.V. (NMS:QURE)

Canadian Solar Inc. (NMS:CSIQ)

Sunrun Inc. (NMS:RUN)

Nuvasive Inc. [NMS: NUVA]

Step 3: PowerPoint Elements

In the past weeks, you have learned new concepts and techniques to assess the business environment. You will use these techniques (tools), concepts and information from your own research to perform the external analysis of the selected company’s environment. You are not lifting from other sources but performing your own analysis.

The PowerPoint presentation will include the elements listed below.

Company overview
Industry analysis
Competitive analysis: [Use the company’s closest competitors (3) plus the selected company.]
Techniques Analysis: PESTEL, Five Forces, OT from SWOT, EFE, and CPM.
Trends: Discuss trends significant to the industry and company and discuss key areas of uncertainty related to trends or events that potentially could impact the company’s strategy.
Utilize the Notes section to support each slide

Step 4: Creating the PowerPoint Presentation

Use the following resource to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation:

How to Create a Winning PowerPoint Presentation

Slides: You will complete the external environmental analysis through your presentation. Do not discount this project because it is in the format of a PowerPoint.

Plan your slides on paper before you create them in PowerPoint. Make sure the slides do not present information overload. Only present the information that the audience needs to hear. The rest will be presented in the Speaker Notes.

Speaker Notes Section: The crux of this assignment is presented in the Speaker Notes Section of the Power Point presentation. The Speaker Notes provides the analysis, which means you will be explaining the information on the slides. Every slide needs a Speaker Note. The analysis has to be thoroughly presented with an explanation of ‘why and how’ that is supported by the research and course material. Do not skimp on the support since it is needed to demonstration critical thinking and an understanding of what is presented. It is like writing a paper but placing the analysis in the slide notes [Note: A couple of sentences will not suffice as meeting the minimum on this project].

Speaker Notes can be accessed by opening a PowerPoint presentation and clicking on Notes at the bottom of the screen on the right side. Click into the Notes and type. It is probably advantageous to create the narrative and copy into the Speaker Notes Section.

The following items are required in creating the PowerPoint presentation:

Presentations should be no more than 20 slides, which includes a title page and reference page;
The names of the team members who participated in the project should be listed on the title page;
PowerPoint should be a basic presentation without the bells and whistles including excess graphics;

How organizations develop and manage strategies

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