What is “Common Law”;Why is the United States a “common law country”

Why is the United States a “common law country

Common Law and Civil Law

a. What is “Common Law”? Why is the United States a “common law country”?

b. What is the primary distinction between common law and civil legal systems?

8. Public and Private Law

a. What is public law? Give three examples of public law.

b. Explain private law. Give three examples.

9. Civil Law and Criminal Law

a. What is the difference between civil law and criminal law?

b. Explain the two ways that the words civil law are used in this chapter.

10. The Specific Sense of Corporate Governance

a. What is the “specific” sense of corporate governance? 

b. Why might some managers try to artificially raise or “puff up” the market price of their stocks? Describe several ways they could do this.