Reflections on Literacy Learning and Teaching

Reading & Literacy Growth, Grades 4-6

Assignment: Reflections on Literacy Learning and Teaching

  • A balanced literacy approach addresses the diverse needs of students. Carefully designed instruction supports literacy skills progress along the developmental reading and writing stages. Last week, you created a Close Reading Activity for your literacy learner.
  • This week, you implemented this Close Reading Activity. Reflect on your implementation by responding to the prompts below. Be sure to support your responses with information from specific Learning Resources.



To prepare


  • Reflect on and consider the implementation of your Close Reading Activity that integrates the use of technology to support comprehension and word studies. Think about the questions you might have about the use of technology in literacy instruction.
  • Also, reflect on your learning. How it has influenced your professional practice?



Write 3- page essay that includes the following below: Using APA style and reference


  1. An evaluation of the effectiveness of your Close Reading Activity.
  2. Explain whether the text you selected and the research-based instructional practices you used helped students to gain a deeper understanding and/or appreciation of the text.
  3.  Also, include an explanation of specific student behaviors that helped you to monitor the progress of students.
  4. An explanation of how you encouraged the development of metacognition in your students and how you might improve your instructional practice in this area.
  5. An explanation of the next steps you would consider for your intermediate literacy learners.
  6. What you might do differently in the future?


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