Describe your voice, gestures, and bodily action

Describe your voice, gestures, and bodily action.

Describe your voice, gestures, and bodily action

Self-Evaluation Guidelines for
Self-Introduction Speech
And Semester Plan

Review the videotape of your speech. As you watch, answer the following questions in a 2-4 page evaluation of your speech (use these questions to create an essay evaluation of your speech, not simply a point-by-point response to the questions). You MUST cite specific examples from the video, with time references, as you evaluate your speech.

Please note: item #9 asks you to create a semester plan for building your communication skills this semester. The due date for the assignment is listed on your syllabus.

1. Describe your voice, gestures, and bodily action (posture, use of space, <link is hidden> What message(s) did they seem to communicate?
2. Did your use of voice, gestures, and bodily action enhance (or detract from) the message of your speech? What will you do to reinforce or change your use of your voice, gestures, and bodily action to enhance the message of your speaking opportunities?
3. Did you seem to establish a connection with your audience? Why or Why not? Did you appear sincerely interested and enthusiastic in your speech? Why or Why not? Give examples to support your answers.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness of your speech content. Did you have a clear introduction? Was the body of your speech well-organized? Did you include enough supporting material (evidence) to explain each main point? Did your presentation include a good conclusion? How did you close the speech, and was it effective?
5. Describe your use of a visual (and/or audio) aid in this speech. Was the aid effective in making your meaning clearer for your audience? Did you utilize the aid well in the speech (display it clearly, reference it appropriately, etc.)?
6. Describe what you have learned from this speaking opportunity, and how you will use this information in future speaking opportunities.
7. Describe the areas you will improve in your public speaking, and how you will improve—include specific steps you will take to improve your public speaking skills (be specific in which areas you want to improve).
8. Identify at least three aspects of the speech that you liked or thought you did particularly well.

9. Make a detailed plan for the semester:
a. Based on your evaluation of this first speech (as well as any past experience you have speaking in front of groups or audiences), identify your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker.
b. List at least three goals you have for improving your presentational skills and knowledge this semester.
c. Describe how you will attempt to achieve these goals and develop your skill and confidence in public speaking and personal communication over the course of this semester.
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Describe your voice, gestures, and bodily action

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