Macro Industrial Analysis Of Luxembourg

Macro Industrial Analysis Of Luxembourg

You must utilize current economic indicators to assess the state of an economy. Current data should be used to forecast the short-term performance of the Luxembourg’s  economy. Additionally you analyze data to assess changes in Fiscal and Monetary Policy and their impact on economic performance. You must submit a written report with an analysis and conclusions of their results along with a statement of policy recommendations to a multinational corporation anticipating macroeconomic changes in its business environment


It should contain the following Factors:


National output gdp



Demand and disposable income

What the govt can do

monetary policy

Fiscal policy

Interest rate


Currency exchange rate

Consumer discretionary income

Saving rates

Consumer confidence levels



Demand and supply

Marginal and total utility

Money and banking

Economic growth and development


General price level

Trade cycles

You must write a short report/review (16 pages, more or less) on your selected country and explain its relevant and meaningful macroeconomic aspects of it and show how they may affect business environment. Use time series of data on macroeconomic indicators from recent years to support your review

The scores will be provided, based on the: a. Ability to identify appropriate economic and financial indicators and interpret their impact on the economy (MBA-ECON); b. Analysis of the state of the economy by utilizing collected data for economic indicators.