Race and Privilege reflections

Assignment: After reading James Baldwin’s essay, “Notes of a Native Son,” and Vincent Ruggiero’s Beyond Feelings chapter, “Who Are You?” please write a 3-4 page essay examining, analyzing, and evaluating your understanding of:

1. Race
2. Privilege
3. How you see and/or don’t see the ways these two things work together.
4. A personal example from your life that formed your understanding of these two concepts (race & privilege). How does that incident relate to the larger issues of racism and privilege?


1. 3-4 pages, plus a Works Cited page
2. You MUST spend at least 50% of your essay discussing race and privilege and how they work together
3. 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, double-spaced
The successful paper will do the following:
• Focus on the topics provided with adequate examples/examination of these topics
• Provide evidence (quotes) that demonstrate the theme/topic you’re analyzing
• Demonstrate critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by making sound claims and supporting them with evidence in an organized and logical manner
• Present a clear, arguable thesis statement in the introduction that identifies one’s general understanding of the ways race and privilege are connected
• Have well organized paragraphs with clear topic sentences
• Effectively use transitions between paragraphs and ideas
• Support the thesis statement and other claims with textual evidence and examples
• Come to a conclusion that moves beyond summary
• Effectively synthesize textual material via quotations
Please Do NOT:
• Use quotes that are longer than 4 lines – No Block Quotes Please.
• Use sources outside the two readings to inform or support your argument.
• Devote more than 50% of your essay to personal background information.
• Make any judgments – This paper should contain no “should” or “should not” claims. It is not a persuasive essay.
English 101
Race and privileges rough draft

Humanity is made up of so many different races, some sharing the same characteristics, values be it social or cultural, same or different traditions. It is interesting how different races treat each other, some can be friendly, compassionate, doing things together and helping in every way, but some maybe acting in a manner suggesting that they don’t want anything to do with the others, in a hateful way. Such is seen in work places, social life, even in businesses.
Race is defined as a family lineage or a group of people sharing physical or social qualities, this concept has been reflected locally and also it’s universal. Privilege on the other hand is defined as advantages acquired by an individual or as a group. My question has always been why people treat others differently only because they are from a different race, if only everybody could understand that we are all the same it would only make the world a better place to live in. Privileges go hand in hand with race in the sense that, it’s obvious that some people will benefit more in different ways simply because they are from a certain race.
People from certain cultures or societies tend to segregate themselves from others whom they deem different from themselves, be it by skin color or language spoken. At work places no matter how people try to hide, it always comes out that there is some type of favoritism going on among people from the same race, especially when it comes to promotion that is done internally, professionalism is observed and all work ethics but at some point evidently comes out to be that a particular person was chosen because they belong to the same culture, or some employee is being treated differently because he or she does not belong to that community or social group.
I was working in a company where I felt that the treatment I got was nothing but pure discrimination, I knew I gave my all when it comes to work, I put in all my strength in it, but every time, I received complaints from the supervisor being reported by my co-workers. I was very naïve, never argued back, instead work even extra harder ended up doing other people’s jobs as I didn’t see what I needed to do extra as far as work assigned to me was concerned, I did everything I was supposed to do, but still these complaints never ceased, until one of the co-workers noticed what was going on and wasn’t happy, she advised me to bring the matter up to the director, as she had heard and seen the kind of treatment I got, that wasn’t fair. A meeting was held, and the matter sorted out, after a thorough investigation and findings that there was actually prejudice going on.
Just to give you an idea of what I submitted as rough draft and maybe write along those line, but you can alter to however it’s going to be easier for you.
<link is hidden> /> <link is hidden> /> the above links are for James Baldwin and vincent Ruggiero try open them in google, hopefully it works.
Incase of any questions please feel free to ask.