Impact on the environment and the society that the migration:What was a new dimension of this migration did you discover while doing the project?

Impact on the environment and the society that the migration

Intercontinental Migration within Africa

Urbanization has been one of the defining issues for the world. It is migration that is an important aspect in terms of urban growth. When migration of Africans is being discussed, it is often viewed that Africans mainly migrate out of their home country because there is nothing there for them. This is related to the view of Africa as a 3rd world country without any advances toward urbanization. But, the bulk of African migration occurs within the continent. With this presentation, I would like to focus on West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa intra regional migration and movements. Major destination countries within Africa are Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Cote d’Ivoire. Under the push-pull models, Africans are pushed out of their home country because of poverty, unemployment and, disasters to name a few. They are pulled towards major destination cities because of opportunity, stability, safety, and freedom

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