Heads Up: Technical Report


Module 4 – Heads Up: Technical Report



Over the next two modules, you will apply what you have learned from your readings to develop a technical report. There are three assignments associated with the Technical Report: Early Draft, Peer Review, and Final Submission.


This technical report will ask you to conduct secondary research on a tool or technology of your choosing and to provide a clearly articulated, strong recommendation about whether or not to use that tool or technology in a hypothetical organization. You may choose both your tool/technology and hypothetical organization. Your recommendation must cite at least six (6) appropriate sources utilizing proper APA formatting. Finally, you will also produce an abstract that accompanies your technical report and summarizes your principle findings and recommendation in no more than 125 words.



Final Submission Project Requirements


Your Technical Report Final Submission should:

  • Utilize Tebeaux and Dragga’s “Informal Report” formatting (pp. 182-185).
  • Cite at least 6 sources using proper APA formatting.
  • Provide a clear and strong recommendation for or against the use of the tool or technology.
  • Be at least 1,000 words.
  • Be accompanied by a properly formatted abstract that concisely summarizes your technical report and its findings in less than 125 words.
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