Introduction to Urban Planning

PUP 301 Introduction to Urban Planning

Assignment 2—Comprehensive Plan Evaluation
Assignment Overview
The best way to learn about comprehensive plans, is to review an actual plan itself and analyze its various
components. This assignment requires you to conduct such an analysis of a comprehensive plan of your
choice. You will gather evidence from the plan by interpreting its various components, and critically evaluate
the overall content in a written essay.
Completing the Essay
Search the internet for a copy of a current comprehensive plan for a city of your choice. Be sure to cite this
source (including internet link) in your essay.
Examine the comprehensive plan.
Write an essay that clearly addresses the following for the comprehensive plan you identified:
–Briefly describe the selected city in a short introductory paragraph.
–Briefly describe the plan itself, including its time horizon, how it was formulated, how it was approved, and
an overview of its various components.
–Critically analyze each of the following:
–How clearly are the current conditions and projected future conditions of the city presented in the plan?
–How clearly are the goals of the plan presented? How are the goals similar to (and different from) the
eight common goals of comprehensive planning outlined in class?
–What role does public participation appear to have played in the formulation of the plan?
–How clearly do the various components of the plan (and their implementation strategies) connect to the
goals of the plan?
Your written essay should be roughly 2-3 single-spaced pages in length, and should be written in essay format
(i.e. include an introductory and concluding paragraph, and content paragraphs consisting of well-structured
complete sentences).
Assignments are due Thursday 6/7 by 3:00PM. Assignments should be submitted electronically as a Word or
PDF document under the “Assignments” tab on Blackboard before the due date and time. After that point,
the link will no longer be visible. NO late essays will be accepted.
All essays should reflect your own individual work. Direct quotes must be cited properly using a consistent
citation style throughout. Be sure to include the link to the comprehensive planning document you
Your essay should be thoroughly proofread for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Essays
containing excessive proofreading errors will not be accepted for credit.
Worth 100 points total. See the grading rubric on Blackboard for the breakdown of points possible.

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