Legalization of Recreational Marijuana: Rule of thumb

Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Topic: Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

· Write an opinion in response to a current newspaper article or op/ed piece.

· The article must be less than one year old.

· Do not use ‘press releases.’ These generally accompany the data releases by the issuing agencies or corporations.

· Rule of thumb: Do not use websites (one exception is PBS).

· Opinion: Tell me what you think about the issue. Opinion is NOT a summary of the facts or what the author thinks.

· Your opinion paper must be typed, double spaced, and at least 200 words (about one page).

· The paper must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS!

· Cut out or print the article that you’ve chosen to turn in with the assignment.

· Grade deductions will be made for the following. No attached article, article older than one year, paper too short,  summarized articles, incorrect format, poor spelling &  grammar: -1 point