Shipping by Air Freight Vs. Ocean Freight

Shipping by Air Freight Vs. Ocean Freight.

Shipping by Air Freight Vs. Ocean Freight

A company should look into how they will be shipping their assets. As we can tell right off the bat is that shipping by ocean freight will take some time. If you are looking at getting assets quicker then you will ship by Air. Most customers want their assets quick. It seems that deliveries can never be quick enough. However, getting deliveries to a customers door quick is going to cost more money then shipping by ocean.

If the company is able to save some money by shipping by ocean then they should do it. They should look into Ocean Freight. They could possibly use Ocean Freight until they find a need to ship it by Air. IT all comes down to costs and the budget.

A company will look at shippers by how reliable they are, how fast they are, and how much they cost (logisticsplus, 2015). Also, the company will look at security and safety (logisticsplus, 2015).

This brings up a  great point. A company will look at how the assets will be handled and you can imagine that being on a boat they are more able to get damaged compared to going by air craft.

A company could also look into both Air Freight and Ocean Freight. They could look at shipping heavier assets by boats and look into the lighter packages by air. Cost is important in any supply chain and they must look into how much the shipments cost and try to save money where they can.



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Shipping by Air Freight Vs. Ocean Freight

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