What is the Doctrine of Double Effect?

What is the Doctrine of Double Effect?

Read Book: The Fundamentals of Ethics by Russ Shafer Landau Third Edition(There is free trail online) https://zh.scribd.com/document/359154642/The-Fundamentals-of-Ethics-3rd-Edition-by-Shafer-Landau
Chapter 15 – Ethical Pluralism and Absolute Moral Rules,
Chapter 16- Ethical Pluralism: Prima Facie Duties and Ethical Particularism
Chapter 17 – Virtue Ethics,
Chapter 18 – Feminist Ethics
Pick one or multiple or answer one or multiple discussion questions at the end of each chapter, you can discuss one discussion question in all three paragraphs or you can answer more than one discussion question. Use the above listed chapters to discuss the questions:

• What is the Doctrine of Double Effect? Describe a case in which the doctrine could be used as a source of moral guidance. Do you think the Doctrine of Double Effect gives good advice in this case? What about in general?

• Present in detail the consequentialist argument for the conclusion that moral absolutism is irrational. Do you find this argument compelling? Why or why not?

•What do you think is the biggest attraction of Ross’s view? Explain why Ross’s view has this attraction and why some competing ethical theories do not. Is this a sufficient reason to accept Ross’s theory or not?

•Describe the three traditional approaches to the question of how we come to know moral claims. Which do you find the most attractive, and why?

• What is a virtue? How are virtues acquired? Do you agree with Aristotle’s claim that virtue is essential to the good life? Why or why not?
•How do we come to have moral knowledge, according to virtue ethics? In what way does this account of moral knowledge differ from the accounts given by previous theories? Which do you think is better, and why?
• In what ways have Western philosophers traditionally marginalized and shown disrespect for women? How does feminist ethics seek to address this problem?
•What are some of the distinctive experiences of women, and how have feminist ethicists suggested that these should inform our moral theorizing? Do you think they are correct in thinking this?
APA format You need an ethical theory quote with quotation marks and cited in APA in each of three paragraphs that is from the book. You then discuss this quote citing with at least one of your other sources using Powerpoints, and/or other scholarly sources that is quoting something about an ethical theory (Moral Universalism, God and Human Nature, Utilitarianism, Consequentialism, Kantian Ethics, Social Contract Theory, Intuitionism, Virtue Ethics, Feminist Ethics, Moral Nihilism, and/or Ethical Explorations, Ethical Provocations, Conflicts as Creative Opportunities,or any other ethical theory) in each of the three articles. Therefore, each paragraph has at least 2 quotes with quotation marks. One from the Shafer book and the other from another scholarly source. Four total sources for the assignment. Thank you very much!

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