Leo Marx’s:State what you think Leo Marx’s main argument

Leo Marx’s

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION:   Your contributions should be based on your reading of the above Overview & ,The best grades are given to discussion posts (including your replies to classmates) that make use of ideas from two or more assigned Learning Resources (make sure to cite sources using a style guide, see Resources/Library/Get Help/Citing & Writing).  See Discussion Grading Criteria & Rubric for more info. (these files are located under Content/Syllabus & Assignments).

Answer the following questions and give a substantive response to at least three other students:

State what you think Leo Marx’s main argument is in his assigned essay from this week’s learning resources.  Choose three concepts/ideas/theories from this essay that struck you as important, interesting, or perplexing.  Quote or paraphrase from the source and explain why you made these choices.  Then compare them to information/ideas/concepts from at least one other assigned learning resource, and to your own understanding of technology and writing.