Voyages in world history:“ Why was World War One considered a ‘world war’?”

Voyages in world history

This week you will do your own research to find a good, reliable source to answer the question and write an essay. Avoid using Wikipedia or casual websites. A good tip is to search “Site:edu” when looking for online sources, or to use a book from the library. You can email me for help in selecting your source so you know it’s a good one. Then you should use your source and Chapters 27&28 in the textbook to write a 2-page, 700-word essay on this question:

“Why was World War One considered a ‘world war’?”

The best papers will discuss Asia, Africa, and the Americas in your answer. Every paper ought to use citations from both the textbook and the scholarly source you are required to find. Email me if you have trouble locating a source!

Textbook: Hansen, V., & Curtis, K. R. (2016). Voyages in world history, brief edition, 2nd ed. Volume 2: since 1500. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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