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Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

An abstract article is due as part of the class requirements. Students should find two (2) articles, written by different authors – and that are peer-reviewed – which address a career management topic. Any topic found in the Subject Index of the Greenhaus et al (2010) textbook is acceptable, as well as suggestions in the syllabus. It is suggested that students choose a topic they are curious about or have experienced in their work situations and want to learn more about as this will make the writing easier.

After reading the two articles, students are to write a six (6) page abstract that covers the items below. This does NOT include the cover or the reference pages. The purpose of the abstract is to raise the student’s awareness of current trends in Career Management and relate those trends to theories discussed in the textbook, as well as to help the student apply the information to their current situation. This is use critical analysis of the issues chosen.

The abstract should provide a brief overview/summary of the two articles’ content, while distinguishing the main issues, accurately identifying the impact of each issue on today’s workers and organizations, and discussing relevant information to issues found in the textbook. Students should relate the topic to their current work situations and provide examples for how they have, or might, utilize the topic subject. The idea is to enable the student to apply concepts learned to their current situation.

Each abstract should include the following headlines:

• Overview/Summary of both articles (naming the article, title, author, year)
• Main issues of both articles
• Implied/factual of the main issues of an organization (i.e. what is the impact of the main issue on an individual worker and to the organization)
• Text comparison (how do the articles agree – or disagree – with the Greenhaus et al (2010) text)

Completed abstracts should be no more than six (6) pages; the page count does NOT include the cover page or the reference page. Papers should be double-spaced, 12 point font, either Times Roman or Ariel. Abstracts should be written using APA guidelines and cited appropriately as they will be graded per those guidelines. They will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when you upload to the Dropbox; be sure to plan your writing early as you have the opportunity to get a lower score and edit appropriately. You are to have 3 peer-reviewed articles to support your topic; these come from journal articles or textbooks, which can be found in the library.

The following are some suggested topics for the Abstract Article:

Apprenticeships               Burnout                             Career Appraisal
Career Change                Career Exploration             Mentoring
Career Plateau                 Career Stages                   Career Goals
Early Careers                   Middle/Late Careers           Entrepreneurship
Flexible Work                    Glass Ceiling                     Complacency
Networking                       Resumes                           Older Workers
Career Lattice                   Renaissance Careers          Individual Differences
Quality of Life                   Work/Life Balance               Career Pathing
Feedback                         Retirement                         Telecommuting
Two-Career Families         Career Transitions               Preferred Work Environment Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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