Government Impact

Government Impact


PROFESSOR FEEDBACK: I thought you did a solid job covering your business profile. With respect your government impact, let’s brainstorm on some possibilities. It really needs some more development. It is very important to have a solid in detail government impact because the rest of the milestones will depend upon it.  I’m assuming that the chicken bites are a new venture for Walmart, but it was not clear to me whether this is a restaurant or if the products that are sold in their store. One angle could be to sell organic chicken bites. There are numerous laws and regulations pertaining to what it takes to call the product organic. Another possibility could be to study state and municipal proposals to raise the minimum wage. What type of impact would this have on Walmart?

In the next paper you will tell me about how your company has reacted to the impact and what resources you have to meet the challenge.  The final paper pulls all of this together and you tell our consultant Jack Harris your plan for mitigating or leveraging the impact to the advantage of your firm.


2nd paper – A grade


Paper Overview: In your role as vice president of governmental affairs, your boss, the business’s CEO, is considering retaining an outside consulting firm to assist the company with a government issue that it is facing. Jack Harris is the president of that firm, which is called Crisis Consulting. Jack has told your boss that he will not know if he can help until he learns more information about your company and the issue it faces. Your CEO has asked you to prepare a memo that will provide a detailed overview of your company as well as the government action that is it facing. Address the following:

  1. Business Profile: Provide a brief profile of the business and the industry it occupies, including the business’s market share and competitors, as well as opportunities and threats facing the business and industry outside of the particular governmental action now facing the business.
  2. Governmental Action: Analyze the potential governmental action or political challenge that will affect the business in this particular situation.
  3. Organization and Teams: Describe the organization of the company, including divisions and project teams, and the manner in which the company

has used these teams to respond to government regulations in the past.

  1. Stakeholders: Describe the company’s internal and external stakeholders. In your description, include the actions taken by the stakeholders to

date to influence the political process and advocate for the business’s interests.

  1. Current Environment: Describe the current business environment, both financial and otherwise, including the initial reaction of the company to

the situation and the initial position taken by political actors and other stakeholders.


PROFESSOR FEEDBACK: In terms of government impacts, you definitely described some general impacts, however, to make the balance of your papers easier to write, you will want to get into some specific legislation. A couple of ideas that I had were a move by communities to impose restrictive zoning to prevent fast food operations and a fairly recent change by the FDA to mandate food labeling. It might be interesting to pursue these topics because if your product is healthier than the competitions, you may actually lobby to make these regulations more stringent. Alternatively, you will need to advise your board how to incorporate the food labeling and challenge the restrictive zoning.  Here are the links:




3rd Paper –


Paper Overview: The final project for this course is the creation of an impact of governmental action on a business paper. For Milestone Three you will submit the Analysis section of your final project, which is Section II of the critical elements. Your analysis should include answers to all the questions in the Analysis section on business environment, sustainability, internal resources, communication, company image, response, impact, and external resources.



PROFESSOR FEEDBACK : There were several areas that I rated “needs improvement.”  Here are my suggestions for improving them.

  1. Sustainability.  Here a little focus would be in order.  This section is driving at how the government action will impact the long-term viability of the company.  If regulations prohibit you from pursuing the chicken bites, what will be the impact on the Walmart’s bottom line?  Speculate if you need to.
  2. Response and Impact.  Here you will want to consider all of the company’s possible reactions to the government impact (oppose it, modify operations to comply, continue with the status quo, etc.)  The impacts section will outline the probable outcomes to the scenarios you outlined in the response section. This is the time to brainstorm about all of the possible courses of action (response) and predicting what would likely happen if you follow each course (impact).  Again, doing nothing is an option that always has to be considered.  Don’t get ahead of yourself at this point in the paper and articulate your final strategy. That will be your task in your final paper. Here, just review all of the possible courses of action that you could take and speculate as to the outcome of each course of action.
  3. External resources.  This dimension could use some additional detail.  It was just a bit short. Brainstorm about all of the possible external resources that Walmart could avail itself of. How have they utilized external resources in the past? A way to get at this might be to perform some research to determine whether the company has utilized outside legal or lobbying resources in the past.

In terms of your final paper, don’t forget your board of directors; they have skin in the game.  Be sure to utilize the board to oversee your strategy.