Internet Access, Email and the Right to Monitor

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Employer Monitoring of Employees


State of Estates will be tracking or monitoring all employee usage of internet, tablets, desk and lap tops computers, emails, cell phones and social media usage.  This is to protect the reputation of our organization from deter any liability as well as to avoid misuse of company assets.  Monitoring the daily activities of the employees and it is legal and will not overstep when it comes to anyone’s privacy.  Any suspicious activity will be investigated and the proper authorities will be notified.

Internet Access, Email and the Right to Monitor

State of Estates provides Internet access that is to be used solely for work related activities and approved training sessions.  We have an IT department that monitors all activity from the Internet and email.  The Email system is property of State of Estates and it will be archived in the server according to our retention policy.  Please note that we use filters to block spam and viruses to that could destroy our entire system.  State of Estates purchases all work related equipment so we have the legal right to monitor anything that has been sent or received on the company’s intranet – without prior notification.

Violation of Policy

State of Estates reserve the right to monitor employ logs and activity of usage.  Our organization must stay in compliance with the law and our policy. If it is found that any employee has violated the rules you may face disciplinary action that could lead to termination up to prison.

Telephone Calls and Cellular Usage

State of Estates is prohibited by law not to record voice mail.  Wiretapping Act prevents employers from “intercepted a communication deliberately” How the Wiretap Act Protects Personal Privacy, 2015).  Access to the telephone system is mainly for work-related activities.  Occasional is acceptable as long as there is not pattern of abuse.  Any use of cell phone cameras during work hours to protect the privacy of State of Estates.   Absolutely no cell phone usage while driving company vehicles.

Social Media and Communications Monitoring

State of Estates supports social media sites that are used for work purposes all postings and communications will be monitored or ensure proper content. Company rules and policies do apply any content that affects the company in a negative manner will be addressed.  



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