Purchasing And Material Management

Purchasing And Material Management


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ESSAYS (33 points each). Answer the three essays of your choice (no extra credit awarded for answering a fourth.) Substantial responses are required to earn full credit. Responses should include original, analytical thought as well as support from our assigned readings and other professional sources (properly cited). You should consider the essays as opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts we are covering in ASCM 626.

A. You are the supervisor of an eight-person procurement office for a manufacturing company. You need to hire a mid-level employee to work purchasing and contracting actions for the company. What procurement- and supply management-related knowledge, skills, and abilities would you look for in someone applying for this mid-level position, and why?

B. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for a company that sources from suppliers located overseas. Which do you think make for a more compelling argument — the advantages or the disadvantages? Why?

C. Discuss the role of price versus non-price factors when negotiating a contract. How might the relative importance of them vary when negotiating a contract for supplies versus a contract for services?

D. Discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of long-term contr